Priyo Tetul Achar 400 gm
Priyo Tetul Achar 400 gm

Priyo Tetul Achar 400 gm

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Tetul Achar 400 gms-10%

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Brand: Priyo

• Product Details of Tamarind Chutney - 400gm• Product type: Pickle• Weight: 400gm• Brand: Priyo• Its test like home made. • No artificial color or flavor added • Manufactured under most hygienic conditions • Maintained BSTI food laws • Maintained Hygiene of Product • No preservative or chemical used • No Artificial Color Added


Pickles are always very attractive food ingredients for almost everyone. People of this subcontinent love to eat garlic pickles usually as an additive to their regular meals. But, pickles in the market are most often not pure and fresh, rather these are mixed with harmful preservatives and chemicals. With the growing demand for different types of pickles, Priyo has started offering you high quality and 100% pure Garlic Pickle for your healthy intake - every day!


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