Priyo Jhalpai Achar
Priyo Jhalpai Achar

Priyo Jhalpai Achar

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Jhalpai Achar

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Brand: Priyo

• Product Details of Olive Chutney - 20gm• Product type: Pickle• Weight: 20gm• Brand: Priyo• Its test like home made• Made without hand touch• No artificial color or flavor added• Manufactured under most hygienic conditions. • No artificial color or flavor added • Manufactured under most hygienic conditions • Maintained BSTI food laws • Maintained Hygiene of Product • No preservative or chemical used • No Artificial Color Added


Priyo Olive Pickle made by amazing pickles which will start watering in your mouth. It will remind you a real test with great value.

Pickle Pickles is the sour,sweet&spicy food which is kept in jars or bottles for long time uses. There are various types of pickles which are made from various ingredients. The main ingredients of Olive Pickles is Olive ,Sugar,Salt,Masala etc.This pickles manufactured under most hygienic conditions .In this Olive Pickle no preservative or comical used .It is Best for your healthy life.


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